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We recognise that deciding on a school for your child is a crucial decision that has a lasting impact on a person’s life. My colleagues, the pupils and I believe that our School is a very special place to be part of; a School of real warmth that is home to a truly vibrant community inspired by our enthusiasm for what we do.

Amherst’s commitment to small class sizes not only allows us to personalise and tailor learning but enables us to underpin work with core values such as the understanding of the rewards of hard work.  The size of our School allows us to truly know all students and yet we have the benefit of being part of the Loughborough Schools Foundation and all that has to offer, such as access to some of the best Music facilities in the country.  It also enables us to have meaningful and supportive transition processes; we work closely with children from the Nursery who will join us, as well as our colleagues in the Senior School.

The Preparatory School uses themed based learning in as many subjects as possible to provide stimulating and effective experiences where children can clearly articulate their learning and apply newly learnt skills to a range of contexts.  To best serve the children in our care we believe that we need to prepare the children to be thinkers with the ability, confidence and drive to want to improve themselves, their work and the world around them.  The pupils in the Preparatory Department benefit from specialist teachers in Music, PE and Languages (Spanish and Latin).  Our curriculum is designed to inspire and spark interest for all ages and opportunities for visits and visitors have been purposefully built in.,q_auto/v1610428251/lsf_amherst/AL1I3302-scaled_jcyy9n/AL1I3302-scaled_jcyy9n.jpg,q_auto/v1610396854/lsf_amherst/AL1I3153-scaled_tfn26f/AL1I3153-scaled_tfn26f.jpg

At the end of each programme of learning (termly), parents are invited into the School to celebrate and view their child’s learning. We believe that working closely together as a team with parents is vital in ensuring the best possible outcomes for children of all abilities.  We use Route Maps which articulate the key learning that children will need to be at the expected standard for Loughborough Amherst School.  These Route Maps have been created to allow seamless links as the children progress in to the Senior department and to ensure that parents are clearly informed of the progress and attainment of their children.  Parents receive a copy of these at the beginning of every year and pupils also receive a pupil friendly version termly.

I could happily spend hours talking about our assessment procedures, our extra-curricular programme, our use of knowledge organisers, our development of students’ spirituality, our pastoral care and more.

So I will stop talking and warmly invite you to make an appointment and come and visit us.

Hear from Elizabeth Winton – Head of Prep School

"Nothing can match experiencing at first hand the true spirit of the School, the happiness of our pupils, the enthusiasm of our staff and our wonderful setting and facilities."

Elizabeth Winton

Head of Amherst Preparatory School