The community is bought together through the Loughburians, the association of Loughborough High School, Loughborough Grammar School, Loughborough Amherst School and Fairfield Prep communities and OLCS Alumni, the association for former pupils of Our Lady’s Convent School.

The secret to the success of the Alumni community, we believe, is that it forms a virtuous circle of engagement and support from which current pupils, the Schools themselves and Alumni all benefit. It can range from simply reconnecting friends from school days to assisting those seeking careers advice, not only for students considering their first job, but on into later life too.

Alumni are incredibly generous in giving their time to help the Schools and our pupils in many, many ways; including assembly presentations, careers talks, mentoring and work placement opportunities.

An extensive programme of outreach, merchandise and communications, directed by The Development Office, helps to build and maintain relationships and forge connections through events, newsletters, magazines and social media content.

Part of our role is to ask for support too and we are very thankful for all that our Alumni do in giving their time and generous donations to our fundraising campaigns.

Development Team