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How will my child be assessed?

Pre-Prep (4-7 Years)

After you have visited the department with your child, we invite your son or daughter to return to spend a taster session with us before registration at the School.

Prep School (7-11 Years)

Boys and girls considering joining Years 3 to 6 share a Taster Day with us. On successful completion of which we then invite them to spend a second day with us; on this day various assessments will be carried out. Before a place can be offered a report from your son or daughter’s current school is required to ensure we can be confident of providing for the needs of each individual child. Year 6 pupils of Loughborough Amherst Prep School are not required to sit the Senior School Entrance Assessment.

Amherst Year 5 Pupils

All Amherst pupils, who have been a pupil at the School since September of Year 4, are guaranteed a place at one of the Foundation Senior Schools by the end of Year 5. As in previous years, the child’s class teacher will continue to discuss your child’s progress and during the summer term of Year 5, on the basis of tracking and monitoring of performance, all pupils will be offered a Year 7 place at Loughborough Amherst School and/or Loughborough Grammar School or Loughborough High School.

Senior School (11-16)

For admission to the Senior School, Entrance Assessments are taken during the Spring Term for all pupils wishing to enter the School in the following September. In addition to the Assessment a personal interview may be conducted. Boys and girls wishing to take up places at any other times are required to submit a current school report when attending an interview and will be required to sit an Assessment.

Our next Entrance Assessment will be held on Saturday 23 January 2021 for Years 7-10. However, we do assess children for Entrance throughout the year, subject to places being available.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above information and dates, please contact our Registrar.