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By now, our confident pupils are used to giving speeches, reading in whole School assemblies or reciting poetry.  This stands them in good stead for leading roles in the annual Preparatory play which takes place in the Summer Term.

As part of Loughborough Amherst School, the move from the Preparatory Department into the next phase of their education is not seen as a worrisome step rather as something very exciting.  Indeed, pupils become more used to the Senior School; their Modern Language and Latin lessons now take place in senior classrooms and they also benefit from Art and Science being taught by Senior School teachers. Any fears or worries about transition are dealt with through our comprehensive PSHCE curriculum.

The core subjects of English, Maths and RE continue to be taught by the Year 6 class teacher with Knowledge Organisers being introduced per subject for English, RE and History / Geography.  This increase in expectation is designed not only to increase knowledge acquisition but also to prepare pupils for learning in Senior School.

Pupils in Year 6 do not participate in public examinations allowing us to continue to ensure that they all benefit from a full and exciting curriculum.  Instead, as across the Preparatory School, low stakes testing and retrieval of key information is practiced regularly with two opportunities in the year to participate in more formal examinations which are used to assess progress against personalised starting points.  These are carefully timed to coincide with opportunities to feedback to parents about areas of strength and further development.

As well as continuing to access weekly Swimming lessons, boys are given a choice to attend, should they wish, Loughborough Grammar School PE lessons which focus upon the more traditional male sports of Hockey, Football or Rugby or continue to access the wider range of sports at Loughborough Amherst School.

Year 6 at Loughborough Amherst Preparatory School continues to provide the nurturing care that we are known for as well as ensuring that children’s horizons are expanded.  With this knowledge, we can rest easy knowing that we have prepared them well for the next stage of their education and with happy memories that will last a lifetime.