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Sixth Form Life

"We work together to become clever, kind and brave"


School Houses

Every pupil belongs to one of our four Houses. House Heads run fortnightly assemblies and organise a rich variety of activities and events throughout the year which enable everyone to get involved

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In order to raise awareness of mental health for #WorldMentalHealthDay we have persuaded a willing participant to dress up as a banana... any guesses who?! All we be revealed tomorrow... #Whohasgonebananas? #HelloYellow #LSFFamily #LboroAmherst

Pupil Transport

Our transport network covers Loughborough and the surrounding areas including Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire

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Meet our pupils

Meet some of our pupils

"Pupils demonstrate a highly positive approach to their peers and adults alike"

ISI Inspection Report

Life at Amherst Prep

"Children who are cared for and cared about can achieve anything."



Our compact and traditional dining room in Amherst has a modern and efficient kitchen serving 2 sittings each day...

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Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

Our strong ethos of pastoral care lies at the heart of everything we do at Amherst...

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Our Libraries

The joy of reading to relax, escape, discover and learn is one we want every student to experience, embrace and enjoy.

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Amherst Chapel

Our Chapel is the heart of Amherst School

"There's a warmth and gentleness which seems to be in the fabric of the building"


Amherst Pupil In the Canteen

Wraparound Care

Wrap Around Care is designed to provide a helping hand for busy parents by caring for children for a period before the School day begins and up until 18:00 after School...

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The Science Departments from the High School, Grammar School and Amherst School have collected and donated their safety goggles to Leicester Royal Infirmary. We are thankful to all frontline workers for the tremendous work they are doing to keep us safe.

Our Clubs and Activities

We believe that young people reap valuable life skills and benefit from the opportunity to experience a wide range of co-curricular activities.

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