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Its design and construction was undertaken by Charles Hansen. Hansen, a rival of famous architect Augustus Pugin, was nonetheless influenced by Pugin’s belief that Gothic was the only true architecture for churches. As a result the Chapel has Gothic influences, in moderation. Construction of the Convent building and associated Chapel was started in the late 1840s and completed in 1850

Ever since, the Chapel has been at the heart of the School on both a physical and metaphorical level. The original wooden pews have been replaced with more comfortable chairs, however the pews are still recalled by past pupils and staff. The Chapel is in regular use for assemblies, choir practice, First Holy Communion and of course Mass, as well as presentations from visiting speakers.

In more recent years the Chapel has been used for outreach activities for local primary school children who have visited the School to learn about the Easter story and how it can relate to their everyday life. You might also encounter a young couple swapping their marriage vows or the baptism of a new baby.

"Pupils are happy to articulate their thoughts on spirituality in its broadest sense in an open way "

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