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Hahn House

Hahn House is the Amherst girls’ boarding house, opened in September 2019,it is supervised by a resident Housemistress and her husband, and an assistant boarding mistress. The team are all committed to the boarders in their care; their happiness, development and achievements.Hahn House welcomes elite tennis players and enables them to focus on their development as athletes at the LTA’s National Tennis Academy, while they follow a modified academic programme at the School. School House, part of Loughborough Grammar School, welcomes our male boarders and is run by a Housemaster, his wife, and a team of tutors. Both Houses provide a genuine home from home, and a warm family atmosphere that helps boarders to quickly settle in, to look out for each other and develop a self-awareness and selflessness which will serve them well in life.,q_auto/v1610379844/lsf_amherst/20LES-tennis-11.02.20-DSCF0121-scaled_bkgcc7/20LES-tennis-11.02.20-DSCF0121-scaled_bkgcc7.jpg,q_auto/v1610379846/lsf_amherst/25LES-tennis-11.02.20-DSCF0141-scaled_ekcplx/25LES-tennis-11.02.20-DSCF0141-scaled_ekcplx.jpg

Hahn House is well appointed with large, comfortable bedrooms, recreational facilities and internet access. Every boarder has her own bed with a desk and a wardrobe. Our boarders share twin rooms and we have a single room for the most senior pupil. 

Hahn House is named after Sophie Hahn, a former pupil of the School. Sophie is a Para-sport athlete competing mainly in T38 sprint events. In 2013, she qualified for the Athletics World Championships, selected for the T38 100m and 200m. She took the gold in the 100m sprint, setting a new world record in the process. In 2018, she won the gold medal in the T38 100m for women at the Commonwealth Games; in doing so she became the first female track and field athlete to hold gold medals in the same event from the World Championships, Paralympic Games, European Championships and Commonwealth Games. 

Food and set up for meals: 

Every boarder has full access to the Refectory at School for lunches and joins the Grammar School boarders for tea in the evening. Each player also receives some support from a nutritionist, who helps them to empower self-sufficient habits and behaviours. In each boarding house, they also have access to a kitchen where, on occasion, they choose to cook for themselves. 

Weekend activities: When our boarders are not away on tournaments, activities are organised for them, such as Masterchef competitions, visits to the cinema, shopping trips, Laser Quest, football trips, Christmas market visits, etc… these activities are always very well received and very good fun! 

 Statements from boarders: 

(Given) I always look forward to boarding as we are like a big family and have so much fun. We’re always looking out for one another and have each other’s backs. Best of all there is enough time to do our homework after training and between training. 

 (Ranah) I really enjoy boarding because it makes our tennis side of life so much easier to deal with. School is right beside our house so it’s not that long to get to and from. Hahn House is also very homely; I’ve never been homesick because it feels like home all of the time. It’s such an awesome experience.