At Amherst School we focus not just on what to learn, but also how to learn, and what successful learning looks like. We have crafted a curriculum which helps pupils to become knowledgeable and inquisitive from day one, and we support and expect our pupils to become increasingly effective independent learners. With dedication, enthusiasm and good humour, we teach our curriculum so that pupils commit their knowledge to their long-term memory and learning becomes not only an enjoyable and life-affirming journey, but a long-term habit.

Reception – Year 6

We split by ability in Numeracy and Literacy, and ensure a personalised sense of pace and challenge to suit your son or daughter. We pride ourselves on the care and attention we are able to give to our pupils. Placing thematic learning at the heart to provide stimulating learning experiences. Learning is tailored not only to the interests of the pupils but also to their personalised pace. Children are encouraged and challenged not only to learn but to articulate their understanding. To equip the children in our care for the future, we believe that we need to prepare them to be thinkers. Our curriculum empowers them to be this. In addition, children have access to some of the best music facilities in the country. All Year 2 pupils receive a free year of string instrument lessons.

Years 7-9

At this key stage of development, our main academic aim is to embed all the skills and habits required for study success in later years. By laying firm foundations, your child will be far better prepared for subsequent exam demands. In a similar way to our Prep School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum for your child with ability settings in the core subjects of Maths and English. Pupils have the opportunity to study Spanish and French. In the creative and practical subject areas, pupils have a myriad of exciting options to explore everything from Fine Art through to the latest coding techniques.

Years 10 -11 (The GCSE Years)

During the GCSE years, we continue honing study skills but with a natural shift in focus towards the specific requirements of exams. Wherever appropriate, we put in place individual academic mentors for any pupils needing additional help after their mock exam results.It’s all about delivering the right support at the right time In Year 10, your child will continue with their core subject areas and will also be able to choose three additional subjects from the published GCSE option blocks. All pupils have the opportunity of studying up to ten subjects to GCSE and most will include a language at GCSE level (although this isn’t compulsory). As we are a Catholic School our pupils all sit Religious Studies GCSE.

Years 12-13 (The A Level Years)

 The combination of being on the top rung of a small school and wider involvement with the rest of the Loughborough Schools Foundation campus of more than 2000 students is hugely beneficial. At A Level, our students can study all the subjects on offer across the Amherst, Grammar and High School curricula. They have 30 A Level options to choose from – which is an exceptional offer for a Sixth Form of our size. Most students take three A Levels and also choose to pursue an extra qualification such as the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Higher Education and careers advice (including Oxbridge mentoring) is of the highest quality.