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The shared sports facilities are excellent and allow for the provision of a wide variety of sports. The Foundation is always looking to develop and improve the facilities and the introduction of the Grant Sutcliffe Astro turf and the Parkin Sports Hall in 2019, are testament to this.

The Foundation is increasing the variety of extra-curricular clubs and activities and we hope that this in turn will increase the number of pupils across the Foundation playing representative sport.

We are delighted to be developing strong links with British Triathlon and the Lawn Tennis Association as well as engaging with Loughborough University through their research and sport specific programmes. The Foundation plans to develop links and relationships with a number of sporting agencies in the near future.

Hear from Jo Hackett – Foundation Director of Sport

The Foundation philosophy for sport is very much ‘Sport for All’

Enjoyment: This is first and foremost to inspire a life long love of sport

Opportunity: A wide variety of activities and sports from athletics to Zumba and all in between.

Competition: It is vital to learn how to win and learn.

Strength and Resilience: Success is often learnt through failure a big lesson in sport.

Family: We all belong to the foundation family for sport and this is shown strongly through sport, offering chances for teamwork and developing sportsmanship.

Health and Wellbeing: A vital form for a healthy mind and body.

Taking part in sport is not just for a healthy body, it is common scientific research now that sport can help to raise your brainpower. A report from the Institute of Medicine stated;

‘Children who are more active show greater attention, have faster cognitive processing speed, and perform better on standardised academic tests than children who are less active.’

The sport for all ideal is also linked to the performance pyramid and the idea that if pupils can all be engaged in sport at the bottom of the pyramid then the numbers of pupils playing strong representative sport at the top, will be much higher and therefore also of a higher standard.

Jo Hackett
Foundation Director of Sport