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Loughborough Amherst students compete in Australian Open, Junior Grand Slam

Loughborough Amherst students compete in Australian Open, Junior Grand Slam featured image

Mika and Ben, both pupils at Loughborough Amherst School and members of the Loughborough University National Tennis Academy (LUNTA) have just returned from sunny Melbourne where they were competing at the Australian Open, Junior Grand Slam tennis tournament. This comes following Mika’s success in the J300 Traralgon, Australia, winning the Doubles.

Despite Ben navigating his mock exams, and Mika her GCSE studies, the tennis aces displayed sterling performances in world-renowned tennis competitions whilst demonstrating their tremendous multi-tasking talent!

Alongside their matches, both Mika and Ben still managed to find time to study with their online tutors and get in important revision hours for their exams.

Prior to his return from Australia, Ben said: “I’m enjoying every moment in Australia and practising hard every day. I’m managing to balance my schoolwork well considering I’m doing my mock exams. I’ve been able to take these in between practising, so it’s not affecting my tennis which I’m really happy about.”

Mika said: “I’m have a really good time out here; I’m so excited for the Australian Open. I’ve still been managing to keep up with my schoolwork; balancing studying with tennis by planning our schoolwork around our tennis schedule, which is going really well.”

LUNTA, a partnership with Loughborough University and the Lawn Tennis Association provides selected academy members with world-class coaching, science, medicine, and welfare expertise from Loughborough University National Academy staff.

Academy members also receive an excellent education, boarding and pastoral provision at Loughborough Amherst School. Our new Head of Boarding and dedicated Academic Form Tutor who both ensure our athletes, like Ben and Mika, are well educated, eat and sleep all in close proximity.

Mark Taylor, LUNTA’s Girls Head Coach, was out in Australia with the two players. He said: “Things went really well in Australia. The players are worked really hard. They learnt about and experienced a new culture, all the while maintaining their high academic standards.”