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Year 6

I started at Amherst in 2014. As soon as I started, I knew I was going to love the school. I like the small classes because if you need help you don’t have to wait for ages. The people are kind and caring and it is easy to make friends. Being at this school makes me feel excited for the next day because there are always new and adventurous things to do.

We do Spanish, Latin, PE, Art and Science with teachers from the Seniors. With our class teacher we do Maths, English, RE, History and more. I have a lot of favourite lessons but I will only share three. I love Art, Science and PE. If you have a problem, there is always someone there to talk to.

I love the extra-curricular activities because we do lots of fun things like dance, netball, gymnastics and triathlon. The great thing about all of the extra-curricular activities is that you don’t just have to wait for PE, you can do clubs as well so we are getting plenty of exercise. I love the trips too because we get to explore new places. They happen around once a term. My favourite was Beaumanor Hall because we got to do lots of fun activities such as canoeing and archery. All our trips help us to learn new skills.

I have represented the School with sports and singing activities. When competitions come up, we take part to show how great our school is.

"I hope the future holds a lifetime at Amherst because, when I finish school, I want to come back to Amherst as a teacher."