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Functional Movement Systems Screening Programme

Functional Movement Systems Screening Programme featured image

We are delighted that all of our students across the foundation have been taking part in the Functional Movement Systems Screening Programme. FMS are considered leaders in the world of movement. After two decades working with and testing their theories with elite athletes in the Premier League, the NFL, US Military and Navy Seals, FMS are now refocusing their attention on schools and junior sport.

Many of our leading Premier League Football Clubs such as Liverpool – Arsenal – Tottenham – Wolves to name a few use the system to assess the movement integrity of their professional players. In the cricket world Worcestershire County Cricket Club and Cornwall County Cricket Club have been operating the system for a number of years with great success.

Here at LSF developing movement habits and preserving the movement health of our young people is a priority. Through this cutting-edge scheme, we are looking to ensure that each and every child can move efficiently and correctly whilst building their gross motor skills. Society is constantly changing and we need to support and prepare our young people for the future and life beyond school.

An integrated platform stores every student’s data/results and establishes a movement passport that can be monitored continually by each School. A report is automatically produced outlining any necessary areas for development and a training program established. We are in the process of completing the screening programme and are on track to have screened all students before half term so that parents and students will be able to receive their training programme and use this time to develop and work in individual weaknesses.

Our aim is to engender understanding through our students, parents and wider community  – as to the importance of each student’s movement integrity and resulting well-being. It is not always easy to explain to those less involved with sport the physical issues presenting in young people today. Life moves on and so does the information available. We hope that daily work on your physical well-being will become an integral part of day to day life the equivalent to brushing your teeth!