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Individual Music Tuition is offered on the following terms and conditions:

Time & place of lessons

All lessons will take place at Loughborough Schools Music and will be at a time agreed with the teacher and school; this may vary from week to week according to the rota system.

Fees & charges

Fees will be charged at the current rate for 10 lessons in the autumn and spring terms, and are to be paid in arrears and will appear as part of the school fees bill. Fees for the summer term will be adjusted according to the number of lessons actually scheduled as there will be between 24 and 34 lessons delivered during the course of the year, depending on how the teacher’s timetable has fitted into the schools’ schedules.  Additional costs (e.g. sheet music ordered on behalf of your son/daughter, accompanist’s charges, etc) will also be added to your school fees bill.  The schools reserve the right to suspend lessons in the event of non-payment by the due date.

Lessons missed

Lessons missed through a pupil’s non-attendance will be charged.  Should a lesson have to be cancelled by the teacher, the school will arrange to carry that lesson forward to a later date or to credit the appropriate fee.

Notice to increase fees

The fees will be reviewed from time to time and may be increased by such amount as the governors consider necessary and reasonable.  We shall endeavour to give at least a term’s notice of any increases in the fees due for a particular term and in any event shall give you notice of any such increases not later than the final day of the preceding term.

Practice between lessons

Whilst the teacher will make every reasonable effort to improve the knowledge and ability of the pupil, pupils are expected to cooperate with the teacher and to adhere to the sessions of practice advised by the teacher. Parents/Guardians are asked to assist in this by signing the Practice Book (where appropriate), and to take on a supportive, encouraging role in the long process of learning to play a musical instrument.


The pupil will be entered for public music examinations only with the consent of the teacher and parent/guardian.  Pupils are strongly recommended to attend aural lessons regularly during the two terms prior to an examination.  These are currently available in the Music department.