During this period of remote learning, teaching staff are planning their usual school timetable so that lesson material is available for students at the expected lesson time. Staff are also available online at their usual lesson time to respond to queries from students.

Students are set appropriate work in both length and quality to match as best as possible, the regular classroom experience. For a single-period lesson, this would equate to 30 minutes of work, and there are 10 periods a day.

At the High School the use of iPads is already well-embedded and remote learning technology has enabled us to adapt quickly to our new world and feel well placed to continue offering a high-quality learning experience to all students. We are clear that a blended and varied learning diet is important.

Our teacher-led activities, include;

  • live streaming of lessons like a normal class
  • recorded snippets of lesson content and material
  • live blog work that allows all to have a say
  • online quizzes and assessment activities
  • guided and scaffolded learning activities for girls to work through at their appropriate learning pace
  • kahoots and other such electronic assessment opportunities

In turn, the girls are participating in regular learning activities such as:

  • reading and preparing content ahead of a lesson
  • taking notes and generating the materials necessary for learning and content acquisition
  • answering questions or assessment activities
  • preparing revision materials
  • independent research opportunities
  • recap opportunities available through podcasts, revision videos and so on

We are aiming for a good blend of both teaching and learning, as we would have on the School site, to provide a rounded and varied educational experience.

  • Eva completing her Lands End to John O Groats challenge
Eva completing her Lands End to John O Groats challenge