Girls from years 11 – 13 are able to join the Voluntary Service Unit (VSU) in school. It is a totally voluntary organisation but it is enormously popular with all of the girls. There are over 140 girls involved in the group and they carry out a range of activities. Some of the girls visit the elderly in their own homes whilst others visit local nursing homes and day care centres. Many of the other girls are involved with helping younger pupils at Fairfield School and also Loughborough Amherst School. They are especially useful when listening to them read and also with art and craft activities.

The Voluntary Service Unit aims:

  • To give pupils and students the opportunity to offer service within the local community.
  • To enable students to use their talents and abilities for the benefit of others.
  • To give pupils and students an insight into different lifestyles and to help them become aware of the services being offered by and for the local community.
  • To enable students to gain a sense of self worth and enjoyment from their involvement with others.
  • To form partnerships with individuals and organisations within the local community for our mutual benefit.

The Voluntary Service Unit gives an opportunity for the students to give something of themselves to a range of people, both young and old, and it is found to be most rewarding for all concerned.

"Pupils support local schools, residential communities and homes for the elderly, through the school's well-established voluntary service programme "

ISI Inspection Report