Our teachers are passionate, highly skilled and dedicated to ensuring that Loughborough High girls enjoy a rigorous, fun and stimulating academic curriculum both inside and outside the classroom. We offer an exceptional range of subjects in well-resourced and equipped classrooms and learning environments. We are committed to staff CPD to ensure that we invest in our staff to maintain our academic excellence.

We are also committed to providing a dynamic and nurturing learning environment. All Loughborough High staff provide care and attention to each girl to ensure that she succeeds, whether that be in the classroom, through our pastoral structure or the general school community. We are committed to and engage with leading research into the science of learning, and are committed to teaching our girls the learning skills they will need to be successful, independent learners in the future.  We embrace technology – through iPads, our Virtual Learning Environment and remote learning provision through Microsoft Teams – to provide an outstanding 21st century learning environment.

All these things combined allow Loughborough High School to achieve outstanding academic results which are not just some of the best in the region, but in the United Kingdom.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our academic offering here at Loughborough High School.