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At the heart of our educational belief lies the importance of the individual girl. Her development is our concern and we place a value and emphasis on getting to know every girl and her talents.

Pupils are registered twice daily in form groups and their form tutor gets to know them over a one or two year period.

All parents are encouraged to contact the Senior Deputy Head, Assistant Head Pastoral, Head of Year or Form Tutor whenever they wish to discuss any aspect of their daughter’s education and progress.

Forms in key stage 3 are allocated prefects who help to support and advise the pupils and all pupils in Year 7 are allocated a peer mentor to help with the transition to senior school.

The School has a student wellbeing committee that regularly meets to promote the mental health and well being framework within the School. We also have a School Counsellor who is in School four days per week to provide therapeutic support and interventions. We have strong relationships with the Purple House Clinic who support us with staff training and are available for mental health referrals. Our Foundation Chaplain provides a listening ear for pupils of all faiths or none.

The safety and wellbeing of all our pupils is paramount. All staff take great care and pride in getting to know each pupil as an individual, in respecting them for the unique qualities they bring to our community and helping them to become the very best version of themselves that they can be. A great deal has been done over the years to ensure that time spent at Loughborough High isn’t just about exam results. We want girls to join us full of potential and to leave us successful and fulfilled, with a sense of belonging to a supportive, nurturing community.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care featured image
Wellbeing and Pastoral Care featured image