The Learning Support department is proud to offer an open-door policy, in a nurturing environment, providing additional support to all girls, including advice on study skills and preparation for examinations.

We offer bespoke interventions to develop strategies to overcome any barriers to learning, to gain confidence, to become independent learners and to fulfil academic potential. This specialist support – in liaison with the pastoral team – is provided through:

  • Regular individual lessons with the Head of Learning Support
  • Small group sessions
  • Specific, ad-hoc sessions on individual aspects such as spelling or study skills.

The school aims to identify those girls with assessed learning difficulties prior to sitting entrance exams to ensure that reasonable adjustments are made to allow girls to show their true potential and be selected on an equal footing with all other entrants. The girls are screened throughout their time at school to identify any underlying learning difficulties. All teaching staff are aware of the importance of early identification and provision and refer any concerns to the Head of Learning Support for further investigation.

Communication is vital to the development of the individual and parents and carers are updated regularly about progress and recommendations agreed for further assessment or reasonable adjustments, following our graduated response.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Loughborough High girls come from a wide variety of backgrounds. For some girls, some extra help might be beneficial to support their learning if they have any English as an Additional Language needs. We have a full school Policy on this important area, to ensure we identify, provide for and then track the progress of any girls with any extra language needs. We also request that any language needs are identified in applying to the school, so that any appropriate concessions can be made where required.

Further information regarding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities can be found in our SEND Policy.