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Charity Report 2019

It has been a great term for charity at LHS with staff and pupils working hard to raise money for our whole school charity, the Wellbeing Café Project, alongside a number of other charities, such as Jeans for Genes, Children in Need and Save the Children.

Year 7 have been working hard in their first term, hosting a brilliant movie night, which raised £155. 7JDH held a cake sale, did hair braiding and danced all day, raising £112. 7RHS doughnut and cake sales raised £115. 7NES also sold doughnuts and held a Bake-Off competition raising £121. Not forgetting the fabulous contributions from Sai-Isha and Emily who were sponsored in the Santa Fun Run, raising £270, this took the year group total to £772.

Year 8 have also done some fantastic fundraising this term. They’ve held a variety of sales, including a Samosa sale from 8RLL, raising £29, 8EKC held a cake sale and a festive advent calendar sale, which raised a total of £76 and a hot chocolate sale and a pastry sale by 8SZF raised £85. 8JAG also held a cake sale and recently a very successful Christmas Fair, raising a total of £155. The year 8 charity breakfast also raised £90, making the year 8 total £435.

This term, 9RZH have raised £39 with their cake sale. 9VJB held a very successful dodgeball match and had a Secret Santa Collection, raising £131; alongside the contribution from Sarah in 9VJB from the Santa Fun Run, year 9 have raised a total £190 this term.

Year 10 have held some great events, including 10JMM’s Christmas snack sale which raised £28 and 10JLB’s cake sale which was a great success, raised £75. 10JES’s movie night and a samosa sale raised a total of £123, bringing their year total to £225.

Year 11 have held a variety of fundraiser’s this term, with 11EE raising £51 from their cake sale and 11EHB ran a movie night which raised £90. 11LNM held two cake sales and raised an excellent £178. Overall, this makes the total amount raised by year 11, £353.

Year 12 have raised an amazing amount this term, with responsibility for running the Macmillan coffee morning, organised by members of the year 12 charity team, they raised £297. The whole year group got involved with baking and selling cakes. There have been lots of pizza sales! 12 AJ raised nearly £100 and 12 REB, £110. 12EH had a 2nd hand revision guide sale – which was not only a brilliant idea, it was incredibly successful, raising £112. 12DG opted for a pizza sale and a cake sale and raised £134. Not to be outdone 12LH held pizza and samosa sales, raising £261 but 12AMW have really been to town this term having held a pizza sale and the popular candy cane sale, raising £201 for the Wellbeing Café but also held the #helloyellow collection for Young Minds which raised £125, so a total of £326. This brings the year 12 total to £1,340. Well done to all the girls on their hard work.

In year 13, 13DJC held a cake sale which raised £58, and 13MG held a pizza sale which raised £71. 13NPS have worked hard to collect toys this half term and donations towards the Charnwood Toy Appeal, they collected hundreds of pounds worth of toys and £120. 13AK held the ever popular Sixth Form Curry and Quiz night, which raised £130. Alongside their charity breakfast last month, which raised £375 plus the tombola at open day, which raised £89 this has further contributed to the year group’s £844 total.

After the beautiful performances at Tableaux, the retiring collection added a further £765 from an appreciative audience, which will also go towards the Wellbeing Café Project.

This autumn term, the school has also been proud to support AquaAid – with the purchase of our water fountains and dispensers, £480 has been donated to the Africa Trust, which goes towards building water pumps in villages to provide clean drinking water. You can read more about this on the school website

Staff have also been working hard this term, contributing to non-uniform days and Macmillan. As well as contributing to all the pupils’ events, staff have raised £2,600 this term. Individually some staff have also done some impressive fundraising; Mrs Harrison’s greeting card sale, raised £98 for Just4Children, Miss Coady’s chutney sale raised £63 for the Little Princess Trust, Mrs Stubbs took part in the Amsterdam marathon, raising an impressive £774 for Secondary First and Mr Sheik raised an incredible £1,355 for the Penny Appeal and Queenie Tea’s Sweepstake contributed of £43 to the Wellbeing Café.

On 17 December, Eve, Jesse and Cherry will be skydiving for the charity BEAT, a brave method of fundraising which has so far raised an impressive £2320 and we wish them the very best of luck!.

All our charity events are the work of a huge community, for which we are very appreciative. They would not be possible without the support and contributions from all the, Pupils, Parents, Staff, charity reps, year 12 charity team and, year 13 charity prefects.

Finally, thanks to all of your fundraising efforts, the total raised by pupils and staff this term is £13,107 with £5,258 going to our whole school charity, the Wellbeing Café Project in Loughborough

Thank you and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Ms L Shipman and Year 13 Senior Charity Prefects, Alice and Lily