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Our House system is a rich part of High School tradition and one that is warmly and passionately supported by our girls throughout their School lives.

Our four houses – Burton (yellow), Fearon (purple), Hastings (green) and Storer (blue) and named after notable people connected with the founding of the Endowed Schools and the social architecture of Loughborough town centre. Burton is named after Thomas Burton, the founder of the Loughborough Endowed Schools and Hastings after Henry Hastings, 1st Baron Loughborough. Storer is named after Johnathan Storer who, in 1713, founded a charity conveying cottages and land in Loughborough to eleven trustees, allowing the purchase of wheat to make bread and clothing, which was distributed to poor people living in the town. Fearon is named for Archdeacon Henry Fearon who in 1870 financed the oldest edifice in Market Square, the drinking fountain, allowing Loughborough to gain its first piped water supply.

The House system provides a real sense of belonging and fellowship fostered by weekly House assemblies, as well as competition in a number of sporting disciplines culminating in our annual Sports day as well as extra-curricular competitions including Dance, Drama and Music. In addition to these annual contests, pupils earn house points through our Rewards Programme.

Houses compete for the coveted Gumbrell shield – awarded annually for the house with the most points.

In addition to the Head of House, a House Captain and Games Captain are appointed to each house.