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The major sports always put out A and B teams however the Grammar School likes to ensure there are opportunities for many boys to represent their school in Sport and so there are always additional teams, particularly for the lower age groups. All pupils also have the opportunity to attend any of the many after-school and lunchtime sports clubs that are on offer, even if they are not necessarily a regular team member.

Multi-sports and different options are also offered to boys in Year’s 10, 11, 12 and 13 in order to allow for other participation opportunities. There are also weekly PE lessons, many House sporting competitions and Inter form football tournaments for all age groups.

The Sports staff always promote the importance of involvement with clubs and teams outside of School and a healthy life style through sporting involvement is promoted in PSHE lessons.

There is a breadth of sports on offer to pupils at the Grammar School. These include:

Rugby, Hockey, Cross country, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Swimming, Water Polo, Fencing, Table Tennis, Climbing, Squash, Mind Sports, Cricket, Athletics, Tennis and Golf.

  • Hokey
  • Football Tour to Milan
  • Pre Tour to Milan
  • Football
  • Football Tour to Milan
  • Football tour to Milan
  • The Clash

Hokey Football Tour to Milan Pre Tour to Milan Football Football Tour to Milan Football tour to Milan

Coaching and Training

The Grammar School have training sessions in place for all the major sports and age groups during the week. More able players are encouraged to assist in coaching the younger age groups to facilitate their understanding and knowledge.  Our Elite players, who are part of programmes outside of school (e.g. DPP Rugby, County Hockey, Tennis, Athletics and Cricket) are supported and allowed to attend training sessions and play matches during school hours. Players are also recommended by the School coaching staff, to respective Governing bodies, associations and organisations that run these programmes.

Examples of Coaching for Elite Players

Hockey – Indoor competition; Monthly Masterclass sessions in liaison with Loughborough University; Hockey tours at Year’s 8 to 13.

Rugby – Specific specialist positional skills clinic is run by the Loughborough University 1XV Captain and former Scotland U20 International, Alex Glashan; Swimming sessions are held for the senior team and there are specific gym sessions for other teams; All home senior fixtures are videoed in order to provide feedback; Year’s 7 to 9 have Rugby tours whilst the Senior tour is to a long-haul destination.

Cricket – off season training sessions led by ECB Level 4 coach, Tom Flowers

Badminton – Saturday morning club run by experienced and professional players

Athletics Club on Wednesday held at Quorn, for all age groups

The fixture lists are put in place by the Head of Sport and are designed to be challenging to test and develop both teams and individuals.,q_auto/v1610371866/lsf_grammar/Amherst-sports-day-01102-scaled_ejv9zr/Amherst-sports-day-01102-scaled_ejv9zr.jpg,q_auto/w_2000,h_1500/v1610373819/lsf_grammar/IMG_1176_tzqqne/IMG_1176_tzqqne.jpg