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The main aim of pastoral work at the Grammar School is for each and every boy to be known and for each and every boy to go on their own independent journey to develop into the best version of themselves.

Our staff are passionate about helping each boy to maximise his happiness, confidence and potential giving him just the right amount of support and guidance which allows him to be the best he can be. There can be no doubt that the academic and personal success of the boys is founded in the excellent pastoral care of the School.

Hear from Helen Foster – Head

House System

The House System at LGS

Years 6 and 7

There is a comprehensive induction programme for each boy whenever they join the School. In Years 6 and 7, there is a Head of Year with responsibility for all the boys in the year group. There are also dedicated Tutors for the groups that these boys are placed in. Tutors are the first point of contact for parents and boys.

Moe Marlow

Moe Marlow

Head of Year 6

Jeremy Parton

Jeremy Parton

Head of Year 7

During the Autumn Term of Year 7, after some fun activities to get to know the boys’ strengths, each boy is assigned a House. This House is their pastoral identity and the ‘go to’ place at School for Years 8 – 11.

There are four houses each with their own Tutors, ethos and identity and a House base within the school grounds.

Each House has a Housemaster who oversees the boys, knows each boy and works through the Tutors to deliver the very best care possible for LGS boys and their families. The Houses also provide plenty of opportunity for fun and inter-house competitions where families come along and join in the fun too.


The four Houses are;

AbneyHousemaster Richard WardAssistant HousemasterPeter Gacs
DavysHousemaster Matt SollarsAssistant HousemasterSally Bruton
PulteneyHousemaster Jonathan ThorntonAssistant HousemasterPhil Rhodes
YatesHousemaster Alwyn MorrisAssistant HousemasterMichael Davies

Information about each House can be found using the links at the top of the page.

Thomas Burton Award

Happy boys make successful boys and therefore we have a huge range of clubs and activities which are part of the Thomas Burton Award where boys develop skills and interests in the areas designed to develop their heart (dexterity), hand (teamwork) and head (intellectual curiosity). More information about the Thomas Burton Award can be found here.

The GREAT Men Initiative

At the Grammar School we are not just educating our boys; we are helping them to grow into men. Celebrating positive masculinity we develop GREAT young men by;

Growth mind-set

Our rewards and sanctions, created with the input of the boys, ensures this. We use teacher evidence to set the challenges which stretch the learning of each and every boy.


Challenging each other, creating opportunities to learn from failure and stretching ourselves, we are creating a learning community for boys and teachers where effort is the focus and mistakes are seen as part of the learning journey.

Emotional Awareness

Learning in PSHE, form time, presentations and individual conversations, the boys know that to make the most of themselves they need to develop emotional intelligence.


By learning to articulate, boys speed up and enhance their intellectual skills and regularly have the chance to listen to inspiring speakers at our whole school assemblies.
Find out more about the GREAT Men Initiative here