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Every boy at Loughborough Grammar School is known to their friends, peers and tutors who take a genuine interest in them. The tutor team guide the year boys through the school year, planning the week, setting goals and challenges, organising class events and ensuring the very best experience for each boy.

Celebrating positive masculinity we develop GREAT young men by:

Growth mind-set

Our rewards and sanctions, created with the input of the boys, ensures this. We use teacher evidence to set the challenges which stretch the learning of each and every boy.


Challenging each other, creating opportunities to learn from failure and stretching ourselves, we are creating a learning community for boys and teachers where effort is the focus and mistakes are seen as part of the learning journey.

Emotional Awareness

Learning in PSHE, form time, presentations and individual conversations, the boys know that to make the most of themselves they need to develop emotional intelligence.


By learning to articulate, boys speed up and enhance their intellectual skills and regularly have the chance to listen to inspiring speakers at our whole school assemblies.

We are known for not just tolerating differences within our community but celebrating them and no where is this better demonstrated than in our House system. Boys have fun competing and working in teams to win the House cup. Learning valuable lessons along the way in how to win and lose with grace.

Hear from Helen Foster – Senior Deputy Head

The Thomas Burton Award structures extra-curricular learning so that boys can evidence how they have developed their emotional intelligence with activities categorised under Heart – their dexterity, Hands – their teamwork and their intellectual curiosity in the Head. A rich extra-curriculum programme is a vital back bone to holding the boys to account to challenge themselves beyond the classroom.

With the current parental concerns of anxiety in teens, screen time and online safety we coach boys and parents to move confidently through the testing teenage years and handle what can sometimes be difficult conversations.

At school we have quiet spaces for the boys and they know who their ‘go to’ people are so that they can always seek appropriate support. We recognise the need for mental well-being and have a thriving boy led committee for this who undertake valuable buddying work.

We are proud to be shaping future fathers, partners, friends and colleagues who can fulfil their role in society confidently and intelligently, who know how to have fun and understand how to be with each other, what is banter and when not to use it.

As much as we set the tone, much of the strength of our pastoral care is down to the boys themselves. For generations our younger boys have been inspired by the older boys who show them around and who will become their role models.