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The  provision of the Grant Sutcliffe astro has allowed practice sessions to run on a nightly basis, these allow all players across the Hockey family, development, enjoyment and further contact time with the sport, whether in a team or not. These sessions have been led brilliantly by a growing coaching team from within the staff base and from outside the foundation. We have two National league ladies players on the team with another three of our Coaches also leading County Development and Academy Centres; player representation at county level has doubled this season from the previous one. For the fist time in a decade we have also welcomed County training and matches to take place here at LSF.

This season has witnessed the beginning of a new club/school partnership with Loughborough Carillon, which has proved very successful. Alongside this, other boys represent a variety of other clubs in the local area providing further learning. The collaboration between all clubs and school hockey will only lead to an increase in opportunity and improvement on the pitch moving forward.

The boys at U13 level, will again travel to Belfast for five days at Easter, whilst a very successful senior tour to India last summer which proved challenging, educational and hugely rewarding for all travelers. Plans are in place to take another senior trip to Malaysia in 2021 .

The Hockey Herons continues to thrive offering Friday night hockey training for Years 5 and 6 pupils. Several Grammar School boys volunteer to assist with this training which provides invaluable leadership experience for them whilst creating a wonderful culture for our young people across the Foundation to fall in love with our wonderful game..

All teams:        P215    W104   D26     L85 win % 48%

1st XI:               P26      W13     D3       L10,q_auto/v1610443447/lsf_grammar/S17_3921-scaled_wbozpj/S17_3921-scaled_wbozpj.jpg,q_auto/v1610383611/lsf_grammar/S17_4531-scaled_ilir2r_91030ee35/S17_4531-scaled_ilir2r_91030ee35.jpg,q_auto/v1610443448/lsf_grammar/Amherst-sports-day-0114-scaled_uuinyk/Amherst-sports-day-0114-scaled_uuinyk.jpg,q_auto/v1610443450/lsf_grammar/Amherst-sports-day-0106-scaled_rpk6su/Amherst-sports-day-0106-scaled_rpk6su.jpg