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Football at Loughborough Grammar School is introduced in a competitive format at U15 level (Year 10). There are however some competitive matches at U14 level and there are football clubs available from Year 7 upwards. We are pleased that Football is a popular sport at LGS. The space and grounds to facilitate this popularity are profound. There are four quality pitches at our sports grounds at Quorn as well as numerous “7 a side” pitches. We also have a partnership in place with Quorn FC for the usage of their facilities as well as two artificial pitches at school which are regularly used for Football clubs.

Quality coaches are sourced from within the school staff as well as from outside sources. Within the school football community we are creating a culture of attacking, creative football with a zero tolerance for referee and or opposition dissent. We have a positive football environment where players can improve their football skills and knowledge while enjoying the game.

Daniel Kulk

Head of Football


Football featured image
Football featured image