Loughborough Grammar School is one of the oldest independent schools in the country, able to trace its origins back to 1495 when the estate of Thomas Burton, a local wool merchant, made the bequest that founded the School in the town’s Parish Church.

While we are proud to be able to look back over 500 years, we are anything but old school in the opportunities, facilities and teaching we provide as an independent school of international renown.

It is a place where boys are empowered to succeed and to enjoy a thoroughly modern learning experience, developing the emotional intelligence they will require for success in their personal and professional lives.

History and tradition though remain very much a part of who we are and of what makes a Loughborough Grammar School education such a unique and enriching experience.

The School’s original purpose, for example, still resonates ‘…for boys to acquire a moral compass and to send out young men who will make a balanced contribution and be of service to others’.

The tradition of our uniform being unbadged harks back to a master who proclaimed, “put a boy in a uniform and he behaves like a school boy. Put him in a suit and he behaves like a young gentleman”.

There’s a right of passage too that only sixth form boys are allowed to walk on the grass in the quad, a tradition wonderfully upheld solely by the boys’ own conduct.

In this, our seventh century of teaching, we continue to pursue all that is best from what we have learned over many, many generations of educating boys. Boys, a brotherhood, who have always been inspired to become the very best version of themselves.


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"It is impossible to believe that so much of excellence in tradition, in continued high educational standards and in grace of surroundings should be regarded lightly by this or any future generation."

A History of Loughborough Endowed Schools