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Life beyond school can be a daunting prospect for any student, however we provide a huge amount of support available to guide boys through their A Levels and onto their next steps.

Whilst the majority of our students go on to top-flight universities globally to study a range of courses, we also have support for apprenticeships, degree apprenticeships, gap years and preparation for the world of work.

UK University Applications (UCAS)Dr Karen Buckley, UCAS Co-ordinator
Medical, Veterinary and Dentistry ApplicationsDr Andrew Bingham, Medical Applications Co-ordinator
Cambridge and Oxford ApplicationsMr Bhattacharyya, Oxbridge Co-ordinator
Apprenticeships and Work ExperienceMr Rob Lightfoot, Head of Careers
Mrs Jenny Wareham, Careers Adviser

University applications

We have a knowledgeable staff of tutors, teachers and advisers to guide your son through every aspect of this process. All students have access to an online platform called Unifrog to help them identify what they would like to study and where. It also allows students to record all of their successes during their school time.

All boys are taken to a local UCAS fair and take part in a university application training day in June which covers all aspects of their application and life at university. Applications are almost all completed and sent by the end of November allowing our students to start receiving offers very early in this process.