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How Will My Child Be Assessed?

Years 6-10

The aim of our Entrance Examination is to assess, as far as possible, a potential pupil’s academic potential. We want to ensure your son has the range of abilities to be happy, successful and to thrive at the Grammar School.

We select boys on the basis of merit, ability and aptitude and this is reflected in our Entrance Procedures. These comprise;

  • A report from your son’s present/most recent school.
  • A series of examination papers.

Examination performance carries most weight overall, but the School report is an important influence upon our final decision. In some instances, we may request a meeting with you and your son after the exam. This provides us with the opportunity to discuss his performance in the Entrance Exam and assess his academic potential and personal qualities.

The dates for the Entrance Examinations for entry in September 2022 are as follows;

  • Years 6 and 7: Saturday 15 January 2022

  • Years 8 to 10: Tuesday 18 January 2022

We also assess for Entrance throughout the year, and it is usual for boys to apply and join us at all times of the year.

Please contact our Registrar, Samantha Lister, for more information on telephone 01509 283722 or by email