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Good grades open doors - but only young men comfortable in their own skin can walk confidently through them. The Thomas Burton Award has been devised to ensure that all students gain the benefits of a rounded education, and are therefore able to grow into young men of character.

With Sport, Music, Drama and outdoor education as well as over 100 clubs and societies integrated into the school day, there has always been plenty going on at Loughborough Grammar School. Now we have devised a new Award to take all the good things that are already happening and use them more effectively in a carefully thought through programme. Our aim is to equip our students with the resilience and confidence they need to stride out into the next stage of their lives and beyond.

In the Lower School boys are challenged and supported through a wide range of experiences and opportunities. It is at this stage that the boys find out who they are by discovering their passions and strengths. As boys move through the School they will be given more independence to delve deeper into these areas and in the process, develop core life and transferable skills. In the Sixth Form our young men will be given opportunities to take ownership of their ‘journeys’ and will also be encouraged to enjoy leading others along similar paths of self-discovery.

"Pupils achieve notable success in sporting, musical, artistic and cultural arenas, both individually and in teams. Their achievements are facilitated by an extensive range of co-curricular and extension activities, specialist coaching and expert guidance. The uptake of these activities is high with the pupils receiving many awards over recent years"

ISI Inspection Report

Thomas Burton Award featured image
Thomas Burton Award featured image
Thomas Burton Award featured image
Thomas Burton Award featured image

We are aware that some boys are passionate about sport, while others prefer reading a book; some thrive as the centre of attention, while others avoid centre stage at all costs. Some are very aware of the issues in the wider world, while others prefer smaller self-contained social groups. With the core strands of ‘Hands, Heads and Hearts’ we make sure that boys are exposed to new experiences. If team sports are not for you – try an individual sport like fencing; become involved with something totally different, like Eco-Club – and see how you can make a difference. If Physics and Maths interest you – imagine programming a robot or making a virtual classroom.

Examples of some of our clubs

MusicWeb DesignForm Charity Activities
SportsMind Sports
ArtAcademic ClubsEco Club