The department has two full-time teachers (one of these is the SENDco) and two part-time teaching assistants. We are based in Friesland House, which is a safe and easily accessible space for the boys.

Some pupils at Loughborough Grammar School have neuro diverse differences which influence their learning and others are identified through our comprehensive screening programme combined with teacher recommendations. Our aim is to support these boys and parents through the sometimes daunting maze of specialist assessments by appropriately qualified professionals and outside agencies. By identifying and supporting these boys, we can ensure all their teachers are using relevant teaching and learning strategies to develop their social, emotional and academic potential.

The majority of learning support from the department happens in small groups, or 1-1 and is usually before school, or in lunchtimes for pupils in Years 6-11 and in study periods for Years 12 and 13.

All support from the department is underpinned with the desire to encourage, within each boy, a recognition and acceptance that they hold the key to their own progress. Our aim is for the boys to utilise the advice and support of the professionals in the department, as well to work with their academic and pastoral teachers and therefore give themselves the best chance to make progress.

For those pupils who meet the examination boards’ criteria we can provide a range of exam access arrangements including additional time, prompters and the use of laptops. The School have a team of experienced external invigilators who help to provide this support for GCSE, and A levels

Please contact Sarah Allsopp, the SENDco at LGS for any questions about your son’s SEND.