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Progress into Sixth Form marks a change. Not to our values of humility, courtesy, confidence and self-awareness but to a more mature environment where we give boys the trust and respect they deserve as they continue their journey towards adulthood.

Our Sixth Formers have their own common room centre, greater freedoms and growing responsibilities for their learning, their chosen career path and as role models to our entire school community.

It is a hugely rewarding, intensely engaging, horizon-expanding and happy two years, amongst a close-knit community dedicated to preparing young men for the challenges that await them. It is founded on academic excellence, but our Sixth Form is so much more.

"Pupils collaboration and leadership are excellent, pupils demonstrate a very strong awareness of personal growth over time, and pupils contribute extremely positively and willingly to the school community and to society more broadly"

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The best way to appreciate all that our Sixth Form has to offer is to visit us and we very much enjoy welcoming new families to our School at any time of the year.

To learn more about Sixth Form options, please arrange a visit by contacting our Admissions Team, on 01509 283727 or