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Our aim is to develop personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline. Becoming a cadet can be a life-changing experience. It gives students the opportunity to take part in a huge range of exciting and adventurous military-themed activities. Whether that is flying a plane, completing an army obstacle course, or learning to sail, there is something for everyone.

The CCF is an educational partnership between the School and the Ministry of Defence, and we operate Royal Navy, Army, and Royal Air Force sections. Alongside the three military sections, we also offer Corps of Drums as a Thursday enrichment option or as a lunchtime club.

Whichever section a student joins, they will quickly build important qualities such as teamwork, confidence and self-discipline, as well as later having the opportunity to take on leadership roles. CCF offers a chance to get to know a wide range of people from across the Foundation, and work together to take on new challenges.

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remembrance CCF Annual Review