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Rugby: The link with Loughborough University is growing and their 1XV captain is working closely with the senior boys at the Grammar School. 90% of the boys will also represent their clubs on a Sunday. The staff are working towards becoming a ‘good to great’ school under the Tigers Rugby Club criteria. Several of the Grammar School junior players are heavily involved with the Tigers DPP programme and over the last 3 years several players have been heavily involved in the Tigers PDG programme.

Hockey: Loughborough Carillon Hockey Club are the club school link for the Grammar School. There are 50+ boys now playing at club level. Leicestershire County Hockey JDC, runs at the Grammar School and Mr Clarke coaches County Hockey at U14. Mr Rhodes is a Level 3 Coach and Coach educator for England Hockey. The Grammar School also facilitated the filming of the new GB training cards (PEG cards).

Cricket: The School has close links with Leicestershire CCC and a large number of boys are involved in the county set up and the winter academy programmes. Boys are encouraged to play Club cricket when not involved with school cricket.

Badminton- The School has an external coach from Loughborough University who assists with the Badminton training

The sports department is actively growing links with Team Leicestershire to ensure more teams and sports are on offer to the boys. 2019 saw for the first time Year’s 7, 8, 9 and 10 Basketball whilst Year 6 enjoyed Indoor Athletics.