Our mission is to prepare young men for a fulfilling life through fostering achievement, aspiration and empathy.

We know boys and how to motivate them. We believe that high expectations are central to their success, helping to foster academic rigour and a love of learning for its own sake. We understand that a sense of achievement is also created through our hugely varied programme of co-curricular activities which enable boys to feel fulfilled and to develop their character, resilience and teamwork.

The following five values underpin a Loughborough Grammar School education:


We inspire our students to become intellectually curious, lifelong learners, who have the confidence to be innovative and unafraid of failure.


LGS boys grow into healthy young men with a sense of perspective. They are aware of the emotional wellbeing of others and talk about their concerns.


Our students learn to demonstrate good judgement in their decisions. The spirit of Loughborough Grammar School is characterised by constructive relationships between all members of our community based on the core value of treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.


LGS boys understand their responsibilities towards the wider communities in which they live. They develop into engaged citizens with a healthy respect for others and their differences.


Our boys leave us as self-disciplined, adaptable leaders who embrace change. They work as a team and celebrate the successes of others.

"Visitors never fail to remark on the personal qualities of the boys who guide them around our beautiful campus."

Helen Foster


"Pupils throughout the school demonstrate a strong sense of self-worth, substantial self-confidence and self-discipline"

ISI Inspection Report