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All pupils study food during Year 7 and 8, and during this time the focus is on building practical skills, as well as learning about nutrition and food commodities. We also run the popular school meals challenge in Year 8.

 The subject is an option in Year 9, in which pupils take more autonomy in designing and creating their own dishes, as well as learning more complex skills. The theoretical focus of Year 9 is on nutrition, diet and health.

The department offers food preparation and nutrition at GCSE, which places emphasis on the importance of nutrition as well as the study of food provenance and advanced cookery skills.

Post-16, we offer the Level 3 Food Science and Nutrition Diploma, which is the equivalent to one A Level. It focuses upon the application of nutritional principles as well as functions of ingredients and food safety. The study of food at LHS aims to build confidence as well as problem-solving skills and independence.