High School Life Overview

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Sixth Form Life

"There's a real depth and mutual respect in the relationship between teachers and pupils"


Our Transport Network

Our transport network covers Loughborough and the surrounding areas including Nottingham, Derbyshire and Leicestershire

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Our House System

Our House system is a rich part of High School tradition

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Wishing all our Year 7s a lovely summer break. You have been a fantastic year group and have embraced every activity with enthusiasm . Stay brilliant year 7, believe in yourself and we know you will continue to dazzle in Year 8! Here are some of your best bits...

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

"The School's a platform for pupils to launch themselves into the world"



Whether for research, academic study or purely for enjoyment, our library sits at the heart of cultivating a love of reading and learning

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Supporting charities is an important part of our High School ethos and an amazing variety of events are run throughout the year to raise money to support both local and national causes.

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Meet our Pupils

Find out what our girls think about life at Loughborough High School

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The Tableaux - a unique tradition that has been taking place at the High School for 99 years

"The School is like a nurturing greenhouse - a rich soil that allows all girls to thrive and blossom"



Delicious meals are served up every day and our menus are designed to give a choice of healthy options

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Our pupils have always been proud to wear their uniforms.

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Clubs and Activities

We encourage our girls to explore a range of different activities to find what they enjoy and feel passionate about.

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