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Economics is a Social Science concerned with how the resources of the world (natural, manufactured and human) are allocated. The range of study embraces UK industries, the national economy and globalisation. Topics considered include how markets work, why banking is important, the psychology of consumer behaviour and global priorities to reduce poverty. Theories and diagrams are used to illustrate given outcomes and there is often a range of possible alternative solutions to questions posed.

In A Level Economics, lessons consider how fundamental decisions regarding the use of scarce resources are made in society. Issues are therefore very diverse, ranging from how markets work to how governments try to manage the economy and what their priorities should be. In Year 13, the subject material broadens to include globalisation and economic development issues. Models and theories are used and applied to case study material, sometimes resulting in vigorous debate. Students therefore gain practice in analysis of complex problems and an excellent insight into current affairs.


In A Level Business students study how businesses arise, how they are managed and how they operate in the global economy. It is a dynamic, diverse and practical subject ranging from marketing to human resources to finance to operations.  In Year 13, strategic planning and decision making is covered.  Continuously updated to relate to current events, students gain an understanding of business activities and how they influence our daily lives.

The course provides an opportunity to study in depth how businesses operate in the modern world on a local, national and global basis. All aspects of business behaviour and the relationships between businesses and consumers are covered. The course places great emphasis on how leaders and managers in business make decisions to succeed in an ever-changing environment. Areas studied include marketing, finance, operations and human resources. The teaching is based on current events placing a premium on up-to-date issues which are accessible to students.

Financial Capability

In Years 11-13, students can take online courses to gain IFS qualifications in personal finance.  The Certificate in Personal Finance is equivalent to GCSE, the Certificate in Financial Studies is equivalent to an A Level. These courses require independent learning, broaden students’ real world experience and can link directly to careers in banking and financial services.

Young Enterprise

In the Young Enterprise programme Sixth Form students form and run their own company.  They develop an original idea, produce a product and market it to the general public.  They also compete against other schools and gain an invaluable insight into the world of business.  Participants develop entrepreneurial, communication and leadership skills along the way.