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The Classics department teaches Latin, Greek and Classical Civilisation. Pupils start Classical Studies in Year 7, learning about the Roman gods and goddesses and reading some of the most famous and exciting myths and legends, as well as meeting some simple Latin words and phrases and looking at the influence of Latin still evident in the English language today.

We then embark upon further study of the Latin language and Roman culture via the Cambridge Latin Course. All pupils continue Latin in Year 8 and most continue to Year 9, although a non-linguistic Classical Civilisation course is offered as an alternative to those pupils who might find the language side overly demanding. Classical Greek is also offered in Year 9 and all three subjects are available at both GCSE and A level. It is possible to take Classical Civilisation examination courses without having previously studied the subject. There is some shared teaching in the Sixth Form with Loughborough Grammar School, with whom regular trips to Italy and Greece are organised as well as various theatre trips and other extra-curricular activities.