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Cadet Warrant Officer - RAF

The RAF section of the Loughborough Schools Foundation CCF, has a strong ethos of being almost completely cadet NCO led. The committed working relationship between junior cadets and experienced senior cadets is a brilliant opportunity for both to further their experiences and gain transferable skills. Every week the cadets engage in well planned lessons and work towards new qualifications, to mark their learning. Most importantly, the RAF cadet has access to a huge diversity of activities, that require only a will to explore new things to enjoy. From regular flying experience opportunities, in which a cadet takes control and get the thrill of aerobatics, to challenging and rewarding field exercises on camps. Weapons handling training and shooting experiences, and adventure activities, and more, are all at available to every cadet. Additionally, advanced levels of leadership courses are offered to cadets who have found a passion for leading. which are not only very enriching, but are transferable into civilian qualifications, to carry forward into future life along with extensive experiences.


Cadet Warrant Office - The Army

The Army Section has taught me a number of skills and lessons that I will take with me throughout my life. In the Army Section, we take part in numerous activities including drill, overnight exercises, section attacks and rock climbing. I have learnt not just military skills, but also how our military operates at present and in the past. It’s a cliché to say that I have learnt how to lead in the CCF, however it’s true and I’ve not just learnt what leadership is, but how to lead in a number of different scenarios with a number of different people, culminating in me being at the helm of a platoon of younger cadets. Having been taught by our own Ex-military staff and directing staff I’ve met on camps, along with all the skills I’ve learnt, has given me a much wider and mature outlook on life. I would thoroughly recommend the Army Section.


Cadet Warrant Officer - The Navy

One of the main aspects of the Royal Navy section of the Loughborough Grammar School CCF is that in the summer months we sail every Thursday afternoon at a local reservoir, Staunton Harold. Those who are new to sailing are taught how to sail from land drills up to triangular race courses under the instruction of senior cadets and qualified sailing instructors. When not sailing the Navy section does a wide variety of activities from lessons on different aspects of the Royal Navy to boat maintenance and weapons handling, I thoroughly enjoy this and am very proud to lead this section.


Drum Major

Under the leadership of Mr Mosely, the Corps of Drums has had an influx of new members from Years 10 & 11. Many practices including Field Day meant that November saw a commanding display considering the majority of the band were performing in their first Remembrance Day parade. We are now practising for The Annual Review Day in May hoping to continue our outstanding performances. For me, leading the Corps of Drums as Drum Major on Armistice Day was a huge honour and I encourage others to take up a leading role in a CCF section.