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Year 7

The Entrance Examination for entry to Year 7 consists of written papers in English and Mathematics. There will also be a non-verbal reasoning test.



The ability to understand written passages is tested by means of comprehension questions. These will require, for example, the explanation of the writer’s meaning, the drawing of reasonable inferences and understanding and explaining the meanings of words. This paper lasts 50 minutes.


The ability to write well is tested by means of a composition. Qualities looked for are the ability to convey meaning clearly, to write in an interesting manner, and to show evidence of liveliness, originality, imagination and thoughtfulness. The use of a wide vocabulary, a variety of sentence structure and a reasonable standard of spelling and punctuation will be expected. This paper lasts 40 minutes.


The questions are intended to test the candidates’ powers of reasoning and their ability to apply mathematical concepts. This is a non-calculator paper and the paper takes 60 minutes.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

The questions are intended to assess the candidate’s innate abilities. There is no requirement to have experience of this type of assessment although there are books of similar tests available from most major bookshops which may be helpful. While we don’t publish past or sample exam papers, if your child would like to practice, we recommend Bond 11+ practice papers published by Nelson Thornes which are similar, but not necessarily the same, as those used in our Entrance Exam.