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Years 8, 9 and 10

Girls are assessed by examination in Mathematics, English, a computer assessment analysing a range of subjects and skills and by interview.


For entry into Years 8, 9 and 10 the examination format is identical, although the papers themselves are different according to age group. Candidates are given the opportunity to show their ability and potential and positive marking is practised throughout. There are two main components of the Entrance Examination in English; comprehension (reading) and composition (writing). The exam lasts 75 minutes, with the comprehension followed by the composition.


Candidates read a passage and answer questions on what they have read. The answers expected will range from brief to lengthier responses.

Some indication of the length of the answer required is given by the number of marks allocated to it and the space available on the paper for the answer.


Candidates select one title from several on offer.

There will be a variety of tasks set, for example a story, a description, an essay in which an opinion is invited.

Candidates should write in a lively, imaginative way, selecting words with care, and paying attention to punctuation and spelling. We are looking for quality rather than quantity, and therefore, excessively long answers to the composition should be avoided.


At Year 10 the majority of questions will require the use of a calculator. Candidates for Year 8 and Year 9 do not use a calculator. The Mathematics paper lasts for 60 minutes.

Please note that we do not publish past or sample exam papers.

Computer Assessment

We use a national computer assessment lasting around 45 minutes for entry into Years 8 or 9 and a slightly longer programme for Year 10 entry. The assessment analyses a range of subjects and skills. There is no need to prepare for this assessment.