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Going on a trip for the sake of it is an easy trap to fall in to. We try to ensure that each trip is part of a journey. Whether it be cultural or active there is so much that happens on a trip outside of what your son may see and do.

All trips are thoroughly scrutinised by the Health and Safety team ensuring that all unnecessary risk is removed and that which can not be is managed in line with current guidelines. We are fortunate to have a very experienced Outdoor Education Department so we are more than able to let pupils push their own boundaries, whatever they may be.

Below is a programme of the current regular residential trips that we run through the years that have a significant time or financial cost. For obvious reasons we cannot predict costs and interest in 5 years’ time but hope that this will give you some idea of the range on offer. Informing you of possibilities for the sixth-form even if your child is in year 9 means they can start saving their pocket money!

In years 6 and 7 it is expected that all pupils will go on one residential trip with the School, and then another during years 8 and 9.