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Our Pathways booklets show the range of opportunities available in our academic and extra-curricular departments.

We refer to these as ‘pathways’ as it shows the different opportunities for pupils at different stages of School. They are split into 4 stages.


is the Lower School, roughly Years 6 to 9.


is the Middle School, Years 10 to 11.


is the Sixth-Form.

Good to Great 

is for those boys who have a real passion for that subject and looking to take it at University. In extra-curricular it is the thing that they hope to carry on with outside of school and one of the things that make them them!

Your son’s teachers or the member of staff who named as the co-ordinator will be able to give them more information about each opportunity.

Our academic departments offer much to enrich their teaching and expand pupils horizons outside the limitations of exams.

Academic Pathways Booklet

In extra-curricular we believe in participation and excellence. All pupils are encouraged but we try to support each boy in his passions, even if it is outside of school. Due to the wide range of opportunities we offer the attached document is for the main strands.

Extra-curricular Pathways Booklet