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A stepping stone to success

We are always aware that the step up to senior school, and particularly to one that is home to a large number of boys, can seem like a big leap from your son’s familiar junior school environment. Year 6 however is a great opportunity for boys to start at the Grammar School and build foundations and familiarity, before moving up to senior school. It’s like taking a few small steps rather than one big leap.

Year 6 have their own classroom area but are exposed to everything the School offers in Sports, Drama, Art, Science, Assemblies, Dining, Clubs and Trips. There are occasions when they mix with Year 7’s and they get used to navigating the campus, they make friends and connections, and soon feel very much part of our mutually supportive ‘brotherhood’.

If you would like to learn more about how Year 6 could help your son settle and thrive here at the Grammar School, click here to arrange a mutually convenient chat or visit

"The Year 6 set-up is great. It really felt like the boys will have a strong foundation to ground them before launching into the big school. It felt like a nice place to retreat to if required."

Open Day Visitor

  • Year 6 pupil training in sports hall
Year 6 pupil training in sports hall