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There is the opportunity to study Psychology in the Sixth Form. This combines very well with other subjects in preparation for a diverse range of future careers from medicine to law.

Psychology is the scientific study of people, the mind, and behaviour. It is both a thriving academic discipline and a vital professional practice. Psychologists and psychological research have a big impact on all aspects of public life, particularly in areas such as education, health, the economy, industry, and the criminal justice system. The course covers a range of fascinating topics such as improving memory, effects of child deprivation, factors affecting the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, the behavioural, emotional and cognitive characteristics of phobias, OCD and depression and a critical understanding of a range of theories such as psychoanalysis and behaviourism.

The department makes full use of a wide range of teaching and learning styles.  Lessons are taught jointly with Loughborough Grammar School students.