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Science Week Career Talks

Science Week Career Talks featured image

LHS Old Girl Sarah joined us for our first careers talk of British Science Week.  She took us on an entertaining journey through her training and then lab work at Imperial, which included her delivering hundreds of piglets, using her own limbs to test the efficacy of mosquito repellent, as well as field work and research with bed bugs, moths and headlice. It was interesting to hear how on A level publication day all her plans changed very quickly, but the decision she made then has rewarded her with a fascinating career journey.

Dr Katie is a familiar figure at LHS, as the Clinical Director at Purple House Clinic, and she was the perfect candidate to explain the complexities of being a clinical psychologist. Girls heard about different roles and specialisms and had an introduction to the process that a psychologist goes through with a new client, including types of tools and interventions. Dr Katie stressed the importance of relevant experience for this competitive career and suggested getting involved with clubs and activities, such as the Well-Being team at school to build knowledge and skills.

Becky is a manufacturing engineer at MBDA and a graduate of Loughborough University. Throughout her studies and now in her graduate job she has championed STEM careers and women in engineering. During the talk Becky explained her decision to take a ‘year in industry’ prior to going to university.  Realising the importance of that opportunity, she continued to build work experience during her course whilst also engaging in as much extra curricular activity as she could. Becky offered a reassuring message to girls who are not sure whether engineering is for them.,q_auto/v1615572726/lsf_high/Sarah/Sarah.jpg,q_auto/v1615572723/lsf_high/Becky/Becky.jpg