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Loughborough Schools Foundation partner with FMS UK through to 2024.

Loughborough Schools Foundation partner with FMS UK through to 2024. featured image
We are excited to announce that Loughborough Schools Foundation are partnering with FMS UK to pioneer a revolutionary system of movement screening and physical wellbeing.Our mission is to instil a lifelong love of activity & sport. We want to ensure that each and every child can move efficiently and correctly whilst building their gross motor skills. Society is constantly changing and physical development opportunities decreasing, we need to better support and prepare our pupils for the future. We believe that physical wellbeing is closely linked to emotional wellbeing.

Functional movement screening has been used for years in elite sport. What FMS UK have developed is an app-based platform that can deliver the program on scale to all pupils across the Foundation. Every pupil will have a personalised development pathway, to support balance, mobility and stability.

Jo Hackett, Director of Sport, Loughborough Schools Foundation said:
‘This programme is not about competition or elite sport – it’s about everyone. Developing good movement, posture and breathing habits. Safeguarding the general wellness of our young people is our priority and to make sure that health and wellbeing becomes part of everyday life for our students both during their time at school and developing habits for a healthy lifestyle into adulthood.’

FMS UK Chief Executive, Peter Bowler said:
‘We are delighted to be partnering with Loughborough Schools Foundation. The Foundation are forward-thinking and clearly put their student’s future in society at the forefront of their vision. I firmly believe that this initiative gives Loughborough Schools Foundation a leading edge when it comes to developing physical literacy and movement wellbeing for children.’

We advocate the importance of developing core movement patterns, balance, stability and the ability to move efficiently. This is connected to posture, breathing and the wider benefits of physical wellness in the classroom and well-being generally”.

The program will launch in September 2020.