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Statement by the Executive Committee, Loughborough Schools Foundation

The conversation about Black Lives Matter has been pursued in all walks of society, and over the past few days, there have been discussions online relating to racism perpetrated at the Loughborough Schools Foundation.

These accounts are disturbingly recent and bring home to us that so much more work is required with our students to create a genuinely equitable school community.

On behalf of all the headteachers and staff of Loughborough Schools Foundation we offer an unreserved apology to any pupil who suffered racism whilst a pupil at one of our Schools.

It is deeply upsetting to us all that this could have happened.

The accusations are very serious, and we have reported them to the police and asked that an investigation is undertaken.

There are no excuses. Racism has no place in this Foundation. We are sorry that we have fallen short of our aims and strive for better.

Whenever anything is reported to us, we undertake a robust and decisive investigation. We will now work with the police, as well as examining our own internal procedures to ensure pupils feel safe, respected and valued at our Schools.

Mr Duncan Byrne Dr Fiona MilesDr Julian MurphyMr Andrew Earnshaw
Headmaster, Head, Headmaster, Headmaster,
Loughborough Grammar SchoolLoughborough High School Loughborough Amherst School Fairfield Prep School