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The current four House system of Abney, Davys, Pulteney and Yates was established in 1991 but echos the deep history of the School. Each House name celebrates an extraordinary character who was educated in the School’s original home in the churchyard of the Parish Church and dating back as far as 1590.

That Richard Pulteney arrived at LGS in 1737 was nothing short of a miracle since he was one of 13 children and the only one to reach maturity. As an Anabaptist his religion debarred his entry into universities and he became firstly an apprentice and then qualified in apothecary, before becoming a doctor. However, by the age of 17, he had completed a study of the flora of Charnwood Forest consisting of 186 pages and 51 water colour plates. The study of botany and also shells in his spare time produced many similar books and led to him being made a Fellow of the Royal Society…his herbarium still resides in the British Museum.

Jonathan Thornton

Jonathan Thornton


Phil Rhodes

Assistant Housemaster