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The current four House system of Abney, Davys, Pulteney and Yates was established in 1991 but echos the deep history of the School. Each House name celebrates an extraordinary character who was educated in the School’s original home in the churchyard of the Parish Church and dating back as far as 1590.

For George Davys, living in what is now Caravelli’s restaurant in Loughborough, it was only a very short walk to school which he entered in 1789. He soon showed brilliance and after Cambridge University and being ordained as a Deacon, he faced his biggest challenge when appointed Tutor to a ‘spoiled, self-willed little exhibitionist four year old who was out of her mother’s control’. This was Princess Victoria, who he tutored until she became Queen 14 years later. He then became our first Bishop, as Bishop of Peterborough and laid the Foundation stone on this site in 1850.

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Matt Sollars


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