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Hear from Martyn Butcher


Boys studying Geography for IGCSE will follow the Cambridge IGCSE Specification. This specification highlights the critical importance of Geography in understanding the world and for stimulating an interest in places, whilst providing a very solid foundation for the study of Geography at AS and A Level.

The content focuses on current issues, such as climate change, globalisation, economic progress, urban regeneration and management of world resources, whilst also providing an insight into the processes that shape our planet

A Level

The A Level syllabus content and our approach to teaching are designed to challenge and engage pupils, encouraging them to think independently, to develop a thirst for knowledge and a genuine passion for the subject. The teaching of geographical techniques and practical fieldwork equips pupils with essential transferrable skills that are required for successful undergraduate study in any subject: analysis, communication, numeracy, presentation, problem solving, and report writing. The course builds upon the solid foundation of knowledge and skills derived from the Cambridge IGCSE course, through its study of dynamic themes, which are rooted in an understanding of physical processes and contemporary issues.

It is not a pre-requisite that you should have studied Geography at GCSE in order to take Geography at A Level.